When Should You Get Orthodontic Treatment?

When exactly does your occlusion require the assistance of orthodontic treatment and procedures? An orthodontist can help with two major categories of your bite and smile.

He can either work on the aesthetics of your smile directly, or focus on improving the function of your bite. It’s either cosmetic or functional.

But in this day and age of practicality owing to a lingering economic crunch, you’d probably want to go for orthodontic treatment if your malocclusion can potentially cause problems with chewing, breathing, swallowing, and speech.

The most common conditions that merit a visit to an orthodontist are:

–    An underbite. An underbite occurs when your lower jaw is slightly longer (in form or as a consequence of its position) than your upper jaw. The lower front teeth protrude and stick out.
–    An overbite. The converse of the underbite. Common result is buckteeth. This condition is uncomfortable and can be potentially painful if the teeth regularly rub the gums.
–    A crossbite. The proper way your teeth should meet is that the upper front teeth should be slightly forward of the lower front. Problems with this fit that don’t fall under underbite or overbite means it’s a crossbite. C cause difficulties with biting, eating, and chewing. It is imperative it is fixed early.
–    Teeth crowding. Too much or too large teeth that the dental ridge of the mouth cannot accommodate end up being crooked. This cold lead to impacted molars and thin gums.
–    Open bite or gaps in the bite. The front teeth (or side teeth) don’t meet when you bite. This could result from the back teeth clasping and thus preventing the other teeth to come together.
–    Misplaced midline. Another condition that can cause buckteeth with the front upper teeth protruding forward. The center upper front teeth are not aligned parallel to the lower front teeth.
–    Gaps between teeth. They can be cute in kids, but in adults they can be annoying and unsightly.

An orthodontist Norfolk is your first choice if you’re suffering from any of these.

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