Advanced Orthodontics – Helping the World to have Perfect Smiles

It’s amazing to know that evolution leads technology to greater heights. This can be proven with the modernization of orthodontic devices. You can see these devices as you visit an orthodontist Norfolk and realize that these devices are no longer that painful or humiliating to wear.

Advanced orthodontics has garnered great impressions from countless people. Kids, teens and adults can take advantage of advanced orthodontics where they can have their teeth aligned properly and their jaw problems fixed. Great results await those with aligned teeth. Aside from getting that ‘killer’ smile, you also get to boost your self-confidence.

Orthodontic treatments don’t only lead to better oral health; your general health will improve as well. Some of the cases where treatment is necessary include:

  • Protruded teeth
  • Malocclusion
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Teeth with wide gaps
  • Bite abnormalities (overbites, underbites, crossbites, openbites)

An orthodontic treatment is required for the above mentioned cases to be treated. With properly aligned teeth, you get to shun general health disorders like digestion problems, loss of one or more teeth, speech impairments, abnormal wearing of teeth and many more.

Advanced orthodontics ascertains comfort during the entire treatment procedures. But before the treatment method has been determined, a thorough examination must first be performed by the orthodontist Norfolk. Part of the assessment would be the various diagnostic examinations such as x-ray, impressions and photographs. Once the condition has been diagnosed, a treatment plan will be developed. Part of the treatment plan would be to determine the kind of braces which will be installed. The most common braces are:

  • Traditional or metallic braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Invisalign (invisible braces)

Most kids are prescribed with metallic braces. However, there are also those who are prescribed with ceramic braces. Aside from being almost undetectable, ceramic braces are also immune to staining and discoloration.

Teens and adults prefer invisible braces not because they have problems with their oral cavity, but for aesthetic purposes. Obviously, it is more transparent than the ceramic braces and is almost impossible to see. How this is made is truly exceptional.

An orthodontist prescribes braces to address the patient’s needs, 3D imaging technology is utilized to create the suitable Invisalign for the patient. Usually, it takes between 9 and 15 months to wear invisible braces and the patient uses 20 to 25 sets of aligners. Still, this can vary depending on the patient’s case.

Thus, it is highly recommended to choose an orthodontist Norfolk who has advanced and vast knowledge in orthodontics. After all, we want nothing but the best treatment methods and this can only be attained when we choose advanced orthodontics.

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