5 Different Kinds Of Braces

Before, patients don’t have options when it comes to the braces they need to wear. This is a primordial reason why many people do not want to visit an orthodontist Norfolk; they fear the pain of wearing braces and the humiliation it can bring them.

Thankfully, technology has found a way to eliminate the two common problems that people are anxious about when wearing braces. It’s good to know the braces have expanded to different types and patients get to choose which type they’ll wear as long as it’s allowed by the orthodontist. Through these new braces, patients get to wear them comfortably and at the same time, can avoid developing low self-esteem.

Metal Braces

Metal braces can be either in gold or silver. Though can trigger gum irritations, these braces are built to be strong and durable. In a few weeks, the gums and cheeks can already adapt and wearing the braces would no longer be uncomfortable. Most of these metal braces have elastic rubber bands, which function to make sure that the bracket and arch are attached.

Ceramic Braces

An orthodontist Norfolk who has advanced knowledge in orthodontics should know how to install modernized ceramics braces.  A person with misaligned teeth can have the option to opt for ceramic braces.

Ceramic braces are composed of composite materials. Its unique transparency feature enables it to blend to the teeth’s natural color. It’s resistance to staining and discoloration makes it barely noticeable.

Lingual Braces

Who said that braces are only attached to the teeth’s frontal area? Known as incognito braces, this is attached at the back part of the teeth.

Most people who go for lingual braces wear it for cosmetic purposes. They have the goal to enhance their smiles without letting other people see the braces they are wearing. However, if you have oral cavity problems, it’s best to go for other types of braces since lingual braces are mainly made for aesthetic purposes.

Invisalign Braces

Being invisible is the main benefit of Invisalign braces; that’s why it’s also known as invisible braces. This device is totally transparent, making it undetectable to other people. More so, it is also removable. This signifies that eating won’t pose as a problem. Invisible braces are also known to reduce the chances of acquiring gum diseases, which is possible with metallic braces.

Smart Brackets

The latest kind of braces has a very unique feature — it has a microchip, which measures the force provided to the bracket and to the teeth. The goals of smart brackets are to shorten the duration of the treatment process, decrease expenses and promote comfort while being worn.

Whether you’re aiming for a fast treatment process or full comfort, the field of orthodontics can help you out. Just talk this over to your orthodontist Norfolk and you’ll get the suitable braces for your oral cavity.

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