16 Critical Reminders After Braces

The number of people wearing braces today is dramatically increasing. With a proven study that orthodontics can be correlated to cosmetic dentistry, countless individuals visit an orthodontist Norfolk to beautify their smiles and capture the eyes of the crowd.

Nevertheless, braces once worn should be handled with care. It’s imperative to follow the instructions of the orthodontist to ascertain that the best results would be attained. This article provides 16 vital reminders when wearing braces.

  1.  An orthodontist must first assess the oral cavity thoroughly before making a decision if braces are needed.
  2.  In some cases, teeth extractions may be needed before installing braces. This leads to the possibility of mild discomfort and swelling. However, an analgesic is usually prescribed.
  3. The installation of braces itself may also cause mild discomfort to the teeth and the adjacent tissues. This occurs when the oral cavity is adjusting to the changes.
  4. The device installed is delicate and should be handled with care.
  5. Avoid hard, crunchy and sticky foods.
  6. If your braces are broken, it’s important to contact your orthodontist Norfolk right away.
  7. If your lips or cheeks start to hurt due to the attachment, you can place a moist cotton or soft chewing gum above. However, this should only be done temporarily.
  8. Follow up appointments are to make sure that treatment process is smooth and effective and to confirm that progress is achieved. Revisiting your orthodontist on the scheduled date can also hasten the treatment process. Coordination between you and the orthodontist should be strictly observed. If for some reason that you can’t come to the scheduled appointment, it’s important to inform the dentist as early as possible.
  9. The duration of the treatment process will lengthen if the patient is uncooperative and does not follow the instructions given by the orthodontist.
  10. The entire treatment process may be futile and can lead to failure if the patient does not wear elastics and other devices prescribed by the orthodontist.
  11. Poor oral hygiene after the procedure can lead to gum swelling, abnormal teeth mobility, permanent stains, tooth decay and other potential problems. This can result to lengthened treatment process and additional expenses.
  12. If the retainers are not worn at the right time, it’s highly possible for relapse to take place.
  13. Unhealthy oral habits like thumb sucking, lip sucking, mouth breathing and tongue thrusting are discouraged after braces have been installed. If these habits persist, a relapse of treatment is highly possible.
  14. Relapse of treatment may also be caused bythe eruption ofthird molars or wisdom teeth.
  15. Teeth extraction may be implemented in some cases especially if the procedure has not been done at the initial stage of the examination.
  16. Cooperation is a major key to get the best prognosis.

So before you decide to visit your orthodontist Norfolk and wear braces, it’s always important to do your research and know some things like those mentioned above. Always remember that orthodontic procedures and treatment methods are not completed on a single visit only.

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